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  • Som Dasgupta

    Som Dasgupta

  • Sophia Lucero

    Sophia Lucero

    prefers listening ⋆ design ⨉ code ⨉ words for a better web @stellify ⋆ co-founder @pwdo @ffcph ⋆ enthusiast

  • Alex Mnatsakanov

    Alex Mnatsakanov

    Dad to Sophie, immigrant, world traveler, amateur photographer, product manager. Instagram:

  • Himadri Debnath

    Himadri Debnath

  • Poonam Shrivastava

    Poonam Shrivastava

    Product Manager

  • Alexis Collado

    Alexis Collado

    Co-Founder and Chief Design Officer at Swarm · Co-Founder of UX+ Conference · Host of Roots ·

  • Maria Chiara Fantini

    Maria Chiara Fantini

    Hi! I’m a visual designer, illustrator and lettering artist from Florence, Italy. Here on Medium I document my design journey

  • Saurabh Patil

    Saurabh Patil

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