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Any Product Manager (PM) will tell you that it’s not a one-size fits all role. No two organizations would have the same job description for a PM because different companies have different needs. As a first time PM, I landed a role as a seed-stage start-up’s first product hire, and this is what my experience has been like so far. Depending on your preference, temperament and career goals, this can be a dream job or a nightmare to you.

Let’s face it — if you work at a start-up, you’re not just doing whatever you were hired to do.Working at…

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Try searching for Product Manager (PM) job postings and you’ll notice that many (if not most) of them prefer or require a Computer Science (CS) or technical degree. Although interacting with engineers and knowing how things work is a huge part of being a Product Manager, user experience and design are also as important. This is a case on why Product Designers also make the best Product Managers:

Product designers are experts in being an advocate for the customer. They always think of user personas, and how users will interact with the product. …

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Start with Why” is probably one of the most used quotes of all time as advice for people navigating their careers. As a 22 year old fresh grad, I never really understood this because I just wanted to compete with my classmates for the best job at the best company. I realize now that there really is no “best job” nor “best company,” only the best job for me and the best company for me. The difference lies in figuring out what my “why” is.

To be honest, I stumbled upon Product Management and came to love it. I never…

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The Product Manager or PM (PM) role is one of the most lucrative and high paying careers in the tech industry. The role touches on every aspect of the business from tech, marketing, design and strategy, so much so that PMs are often times called the CEO of a specific product (I beg to disagree, but that is for another article). Because of the vast knowledge of PMs around each step of building a product to its success, a lot of PMs end up starting their own companies and building their own products.

I am an early-career PM at a…

The three levels of earning active and passive income using the internet

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Level 1: Services

Selling your services online means using the skills you currently have to get hired online. Whether you’re a UI/UX designer like me or a data analytics guru, you can get a freelance gig doing almost anything online. Be it being a virtual assistant, or an encoder, with any skill level you can get paid.

Of course, the caveat here is that pay is directly correlated to skill level. Meaning, the more skilled you are, the higher the chances of you getting paid more. For example, if you get…

Finally! After 4 months of taking the UI / UX Design Specialization by CalArts on Coursera, and partially thanks to some free time I’ve spared due to the COVID-19 lockdown, I’ve finally gotten my specialization certificate!

I want to share with you the final output of the last 2 courses of the specialization: Web Design: Strategy and Information Architecture, and Web Design: Wireframes to Prototypes.

This project is meant to be the assignment that culminates all the things I have learned throughout the specialization, where I go through the end-to-end phase of UI/UX design.

Project Brief:

Create a website for a customizable-menu…

It’s hard landing a job in UI/UX design for people like me who have no formal education and experience in the field. Having a solid portfolio is one thing that every UX designer needs just to get their foot in the door at a company to get an interview. These side hustles are what I did to learn, practice my skills, and earn money in the process.

1. Usertesting

Usertesting is a customer insights platform for companies to get insights on MVPs, new updates and features, and overall user experience. What I love about this platform is that apart from earning $10…

Growing up, I always had a faint idea of what I wanted to do. My parents were both business people, my dad was an entrepreneur, and my mom was a banker. Both were successful in their own way and I wanted to be just like them.

At 14 years old, I had already planned my life out: go to one of the best schools in the country, work for 2 years, then go to grad school abroad. I had not planned it after grad school because I thought I would have my own life figured out at that point, why…

I hiked 125 kilometers in 5 days. It was a piece of cake.

I’m no hiker. In fact, before doing the Camino de Santiago, or the pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela, I’ve only hiked a handful of times. Prior to this “long” journey in the northwest of Spain, I was never really fond of hiking. I didn’t get the appeal of walking uphill for hours to supposedly “find myself” or clear my thoughts in the process. Instead, I would always complain and think about when is it ever going to end, or why the hell am I doing this? It…

I am currently practicing my UI/UX design skills and since a friend of mine is creating a personal finance web app, I tried my hand at it and did something on my own.

Who is this app for?

I tried to use myself as a persona, since I’m new to the US financial system -therefore, new to the concept of credit scores, credit cards as a form of debt (I thought people always paid on time), and of course, the ever notorious STUDENT LOANS.

A year ago, I took out a $35k+ student loan from an international financing company and the day has come where…


Product Manager + Product Designer in Silicon Valley

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